The Meeting of East and West in the Furniture Trade

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Paul van Duin & Hans Piena (Eds.)


Towards an understanding of Western-style furniture made in Asia
Amin Jaffer

Conservation of an ivory-clad drop-front secretary from Vizigapatam, India
Kathy Z. Gillis and David Park Curry

‘Picking up the pieces’
The first steps in collection management for seven museums in Jakarta, with the emphasis on the kolonial furniture in the Museum Sejarah Jakarta
Martijn de Ruijter

Tortoiseshell imitations
Elisabeth Grall

Tortoiseshell and imitation tortoiseshell
Donald C. Williams

Experiment on the removal of beeswax and the restoration practice on an aogaizaiku urushi box
Mariko Nishide

Removal of varnish from japanned and lacquered surfaces: principles and practice
Shayne Rivers

‘Sawed, divided, cut, cleft and split asunder’
Eighteenth-century Chinese export lacquer screens in Europe – two restoration cases
Irmela Breidenstein

Mahogany in Jamaica was like gold in the reign of Solomon
John M. Cross

English cane chairs, a meeting of Asian and European traditions
David Dewing

A typical piece of Dutch furniture, isn’t it?
Pol Bruys

Domestic interiors at the Cape and in Batavia 1602-1795
Introduction to the exhibition, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag,
October 2002 – February 2003
Deon Viljoen